“NVC ( Our note: A.K.A Needs-Based Communication; NBC) can change the world. More importantly, it can change your life. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

—JACK CANFIELD, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series of books

“NVC is one of the most useful processes you will ever learn.”

—WILLIAM URY, Author, Getting to Yes

“In our present age of uncivil discourse and mean-spirited demagoguery, the principles and practices of NVC/NBC are as timely as they are necessary to the peaceful resolution of conflicts, personal or public, domestic or international.”



Gordana Stankovic

Gordana Stankovic is a life-coach and a counsellor. Her approach is an integration of humanistic counselling and needs-based communication. In addition to her one-on-one work with clients, she also offers needs-based communication workshops and trainings for organizations and individuals. She is especially passionate about supporting people to gain more awareness and authenticity in their lives and relationships, both privately and at work.

Prior to her coaching career, Gordana worked in the nongovernmental sector with emphasis on human rights and international development.

For more information about Gordana, please visit her website

Jerry Zondervan

Jerry Zondervan – I am, among many other things a coach/counselor—following the humanistic school—and I love helping people fix their relationships, both personal and organizational. I am the author of, among others, Everyday Mindfulness for Everyday Situations and together with Gordana, the forthcoming 

Feelings and Needs: A Doorway to a Successful Organization through Healthy Work Relationships.

I give workshops and trainings on communication.



We will guide you through the implementation of needs-based communication (NBC). This type of communication is a tool to create deep connections between co-workers, encourage a culture of collaboration and inclusiveness, reduce misunderstanding and conflicts and by proxy increase creativity and efficiency.

Through the practice of four simple steps, NBC strengthens our level of authenticity, self-awareness and empathy for ourselves and others, which in turn has profound influences on the organizational culture. It is the difference between an organization people go to with joy and one where people go to with a sense of fear. Satya Nadella, the CEO at Microsoft since 2014, encourages his employees to relate to themselves and each other in this way: "To spread his ethos he's been pointing employees to Nonviolent Communication, a book that urges respectful listening instead of the classic Microsoft rejoinder: 'That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard!' " Source: Forbes Magazine, accessed last time October 2017

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Part 1

Introduction to needs-based communication:

Language of Disconnection vs Language of Connection

Part 2

Creating Deep Awareness and Connection with my own Self. Create clarity about my needs and as a later consequence, organizational strategies.

Part 3

Feelings, Faux-feelings vs. Thoughts. Using Feelings as Internal GPS towards the right solution in our lives and also, towards organizational solutions 

Part 4

Needs vs Strategies: A palette of Universal Human Needs as the Basis of all Behavior, also known as "strategies".

Part 5

Request vs Demands or Creating Win-Win in Every Situation

Part 6

External Process: Creating Connection with Others by Honestly Expressing What Is Alive in Us

Part 7

Emphatically Listening and Receiving What Is Alive in Others

Part 8

Practical Use of NBC in Organizations:

Supporting Coworkers in the Use of the Internal NBC Process for:

- making internal career decisions

- creating a personal "inner buffer space" to deal with tricky situations with clients

- adjusting to new and evolving organizational situations, which for many people are a big source of stress

- managing workload stress and anxiety

Part 9

Supporting Coworkers in the Use of External NBC processes for:

- dealing with and resolving work related issues

- giving constructive feedback at work

- adjusting to a new work environment within the company

-dealing with difficult client-related situations: E.g. an unhappy customer

Part 10


Open for Q&A

Way Forward from here (more training, etc...)



What you can expect

Some of the takeaways

Increased Productivity

Free Introductory session in Tele-Conferencing mode

Better Customer and/or end-user Service as Coworkers will increase their listening skills

Free, visible to members-only Facebook page to further your NBC practice

Free Tele-Conference Refresher Follow-ups

A greater sense of satisfaction with your services from clients and/or end-users