Gordana Stankovic
Jerry Zondervan
Part 1

Introduction to needs-based communication:

Language of Disconnection vs Language of Connection

Part 2

Creating Deep Awareness and Connection with my own Self. Create clarity about my needs and as a later consequence, organizational strategies.

Part 3

Feelings, Faux-feelings vs. Thoughts. Using Feelings as Internal GPS towards the right solution in our lives and also, towards organizational solutions 

Part 4

Needs vs Strategies: A palette of Universal Human Needs as the Basis of all Behavior, also known as "strategies".

Part 5

Request vs Demands or Creating Win-Win in Every Situation

Part 6

External Process: Creating Connection with Others by Honestly Expressing What Is Alive in Us

Part 7

Emphatically Listening and Receiving What Is Alive in Others

Part 8

Practical Use of NBC in Organizations:

Supporting Coworkers in the Use of the Internal NBC Process for:

- making internal career decisions

- creating a personal "inner buffer space" to deal with tricky situations with clients

- adjusting to new and evolving organizational situations, which for many people are a big source of stress

- managing workload stress and anxiety

Part 9

Supporting Coworkers in the Use of External NBC processes for:

- dealing with and resolving work related issues

- giving constructive feedback at work

- adjusting to a new work environment within the company

-dealing with difficult client-related situations: E.g. an unhappy customer

Part 10


Open for Q&A

Way Forward from here (more training, etc...)


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